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At Palma Dance Center we specialize in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Established in 2008 the school relocated in 2015 in order to offer our classes in ideal spacious, state-of-the-art studios, including a unique studio theater for in-house performances, setting us apart from other dance schools.


Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous past students successfully pursuing professional dance careers or gaining acceptance into prestigious dance schools worldwide. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing exceptional instruction to students of all ages, ranging from 3 years old to pre-professional training and even adult classes.


Click here to learn more about our talented team of teachers, explore our class timetables and prices and see our beautiful studios. Join us at Pasodos — Palma Dance Center on this inspiring journey as we continue to empower young dancers, create professionals, and shape the future of dance education on Mallorca. Enroll now and be part of our vibrant dance family!

More about Palma Dance Center…

Our journey as a professional dance company founded in 2001 laid the ground for our unique perspective on dance education. We teach based on a simple yet powerful philosophy: the dance cycle should be a continuous journey of growth. It starts with young students who embark on their dance training with us, receive world class instruction to become skilled dancers, and eventually become professionals in the field.


The journey doesn't end there. As dancers-turned-teachers, we bring back our invaluable experiences and knowledge to our school, passing on expertise to the next generation of aspiring dancers. We believe in the power of mentorship, nurturing talent, and fostering a supportive community that encourages growth and creativity.


Curious about our past and where we come from? Click here to explore our rich history and learn more about the roots of PASODOS, which shaped our approach to dance education…

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