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with Ryoko Yagyu and Daniil Simkin

with Ivan Putrov and Yanelis Rodríguez

Pasodos Dance Company: Redefined Excellence in Ballet

Founded in 2001 by visionary directors Laura Macias and Gavin De Paor, Pasodos Dance Company stands as the epitome of Mallorca's vibrant dance scene. With a classical foundation complemented by seamless fusions of ballet and other dance forms, the company has embarked on an artistic journey that captivates audiences worldwide.

A Vision Beyond Boundaries: Expanding Horizons

Beyond their compelling performances, Pasodos Dance Company is dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape by infusing ballet with contemporary influences. The company continuously seeks new creative avenues, crafting ballets that resonate with audiences of all ages, from captivating children's ballets to more avant-garde works designed for adults. Their vision has taken them beyond Mallorca, with performances in renowned venues and alongside esteemed dance companies, including American Ballet Theater, Scottish Ballet, Zurich Ballet, and Dance Theater of Harlem.

Ballet Season at Teatre Principal de Palma: A Triumph of Artistry

Pasodos Dance Company has been at the forefront of ballet excellence on the island since its inception, earning accolades and international recognition for their groundbreaking work. Spearheading the Ballet Season at the prestigious Teatre Principal de Palma, the company has mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring full-length productions and captivating choreographies for operas. Their collaboration with the Teatre Principal has garnered critical acclaim in esteemed publications such as Dance Europe and Dancing Times. During this time renowned guest stars, including Andrey Batalov, Yulia Makhalina, Daniil Simkin, Ryoko Yagyu, Ivan Putrov, and Yanelis Rogríguez, have graced the stage alongside the company, adding to its illustrious legacy.

A Legacy of Excellence: Over Two Decades of Delightful Dance

Boasting over 20 years of experience, Pasodos Dance Company debuted on the island's stage in 2004 and has since become a formidable presence in the dance community. The company's captivating performances have graced major theaters locally, nationally, and internationally, captivating audiences and critics alike. One signature production, "Star Crossed," premiered at the Edinburgh Mela Festival in 2013, enthralling spectators with its innovative artistry. The production was later brought back to Palma for a sold-out performance and tour of the island.

A Dazzling Repertoire: From Intimate Ensembles to Grand Symphonic Productions

The company's diverse repertoire showcases their artistic versatility, ranging from intimate two-person shows to grand ballets featuring over 30 dancers and full symphonic orchestras. Notable works include "The Tango Spell," which premiered at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003, capturing hearts with its innovative and refreshing approach. The production immediately cemented the position of Pasodos as a beacon of dance brilliance on Mallorca.

Nurturing Ballet in the Balearics: A Passionate Pursuit

Founders Laura Macias and Gavin De Paor have been unwavering in their commitment to nurturing the art of ballet on Mallorca since 2004. Pasodos Dance Company's captivating performances have left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences, inspiring a renewed passion for ballet among the community. Notably, the company received the prestigious Prize for the Best Company Trajectory of the Balearic Islands in March 2020, a testament to their dedication to excellence.

Pasodos Dance Company Productions: Artistry Unveiled

Over the years, Pasodos Dance Company has been dedicated to creating a diverse array of captivating productions, showcasing their artistic versatility and dedication to the craft of ballet. From enchanting children's ballets to thought-provoking contemporary works, their repertoire reflects a commitment to innovation and creativity.

In recent years, notable productions include "The Pied Piper of Hamelin... and other nonsense!" (Premiere in Palma, 2022), "Tango Woman Ballet" (Premiere in Palma, 2019) and "7 Deadly Sins" (Premiere in Palma, 2016). Among the company's most successful productions are "The Tango Spell" (Premiere in Dublin, 2001), "The Little Prince" (Premiere in Paguera, 2016), and "Sorry, Love!" (Premiere in Dublin, 2007). Pasodos Dance Company has also showcased full-length ballets, including "The Nutcracker," which ran from 2010 to 2016, and "Romeo and Juliet" and "Don Quijote," both premiering in the Teatre Principal de Palma with full orchestral accompaniment. The company's artistic endeavors extend beyond the realm of ballet, with notable participations in operatic productions such as "Cavallería Rusticana" (Premiere in Palma, 2016), "Pagliacci" (Premiere in Palma, 2015), "Eugene Onegin" (Premiere in Palma, 2015), and "Aida" (Premiere in Palma, 2013/14/15).

Other productions include Beethoven Ballet  (Premiere in Palma, 2020); Around the World in 99 days  (Premiere in Palma, 2018); Prima (Premiere in Paguera, 2017); BaRock Ballet (Premiere in Palma, 2017); 7 Deadly Sins  (Premiere in Palma, 2016);  1st Gala de Ballet  (Premiere in Palma, 2015); Islands  (Premiere in Artá, 2009); Carmina Burana  (Premiere in Palma, 2007); Danses del Mon  (Premiere in Sa Mániga, 2006); Harp & Dance  (Premiere in Palma, 2006); Tarzan y Jane  (Premiere in Palma, 2005) and Dancing under the stars  (Premiere in Palma, 2005).

Pasodos Dance Company continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, enriching the cultural landscape of Mallorca and beyond. Their unwavering passion for ballet and dedication to excellence inspire audiences and aspiring dancers alike, leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance.

with Andrei Batalov and Yulia Makhalina


In 2009 Pasodos opened the inaugural Mallorca International Dance Seminar, inviting great teachers from international companies and schools to stage one of the best dance seminars in Europe. Now in its fifteenth year MIDS has gone from strength to strength offering local, national and international students the opportunity to train with internationally acclaimed teachers and perform alongside stars of the ballet world.


Company founders and directors, Laura Macias and Gavin De Paor have been dedicated to the production of top quality ballet on Mallorca since 2004. Now in our 20th season on the island that resolve is stronger than ever!

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