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Palma Dance Center: Nurturing the Art of Dance since 2008

Founded in 2008, Palma Dance Center stands as a beacon of excellence in dance education on the island of Mallorca, embracing the classical essence of ballet and the boundless creativity of contemporary dance. Over the years, our esteemed faculty, comprising of dedicated teachers, both part-time and full-time, has passionately cultivated the talents of our students, guiding them on a transformative journey through the world of dance.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum: Enriching Artistry

At Palma Dance Center, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses classical ballet and contemporary dance, alongside specialized classes in Character, Historical, Pas de deux, Repertoire, as well as Modern and Contemporary Dance. We believe in providing a well-rounded dance education, while focusing on our area of expertise, nurturing students technique, artistry, and passion for the performing arts.

A Yearly Celebration of Dance: Mallorca International Dance Seminar (MIDS)

Beyond our regular classes, Palma Dance Center takes the pursuit of dance excellence to a global level with the annual Mallorca International Dance Seminar (MIDS). This prestigious month-long summer course brings together aspiring dancers and renowned international guest teachers, creating an immersive experience that inspires growth and exploration. Distinguished instructors such as Francesc Fernández, Gabor Kapin, Natsu Sasaki, Matthias Markstein, Ibrahim Önal, Sebnam Önal, Olaf Schmidt, Amanda Miller, Roser Muñoz, Lee Brummer, Roman Rumiantsev, Ana Eva Cruellas, Jens Rosen, Bebeto Cidra, Andrea Bibolotti, Cyril Pierre, Philip Connaughton, Michaela Kolarova-de Lange, Tamás Géza Móricz, Cristina Ayllon, Aní­bal Santos, Olaf Schmidt, Renato Paroni and many others, grace our studios to share their expertise and ignite the spark of creativity in our students.

Purpose-Built Studios: Protecting Ambition

Our commitment to fostering artistic growth led us to construct purpose-built studios in 2008. These state-of-the-art facilities provide a nurturing, safe environment for students to hone their skills and express their artistry freely. In 2015, we expanded our infrastructure with a studio theater, elevating the dance experience by offering regular performance opportunities to our students. This allows our young students to embrace the essence of the stage, building their confidence and stage presence.


A Vibrant Community: Diversity in Dance

Palma Dance Center boasts a diverse community of over 160 clients, ranging from pre-ballet enthusiasts at the tender age of six to adult hobbyists pursuing their passion for dance. Our professional program runs throughout the year, offering a range of levels and classes to cater to every individual's aspirations and commitment.


Collaborations and Success Stories: Expanding Excellence

Under the guidance of Laura Macias and Gavin De Paor, Palma Dance Center has forged meaningful collaborations with esteemed institutions of dance education, such as the Professional Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Mallorca, The Swedish National Ballet School, OÖ Tanzakademie (Austria), and The Irish National Ballet School. These collaborations enrich our students' experience, exposing them to diverse perspectives and opportunities.

Celebrating Achievements: Success on the Global Stage

Palma Dance Center takes immense pride in our students' accomplishments, and we actively encourage them to explore their potential on both local and international dance stages. Our students regularly participate in dance competitions, and their remarkable success is a testament to their dedication and the excellence of our faculty. The school is equally overjoyed in witnessing the remarkable achievements of our past students, as they embark on their professional journeys and make their mark in the world of dance. Many of our talented graduates have been accepted into revered institutions, such as the Central School of Ballet, Alvin Ailey School, Rosella Hightower, Wiener Staatsoper Ballet Academy, Swedish National Ballet School, and the Tanz Academy Zurich. These institutions recognize the exceptional training and artistry our students possess.

Beyond institutional success, several of our graduates have been directly employed by prestigious ballet companies, a testament to their exceptional skills and dedication. Companies such as Michaelovsky (St. Petersburg), Netherlands Dance Theater, State Opera Rousse (Bulgaria), Plovdiv Ballet (Bulgaria), Arles Youth Ballet Company (France), Varna Opera Theater (Bulgaria), and the Ballet Preljocaj have welcomed our students into their esteemed ranks. The success of our past students fuels our commitment to excellence, as we strive to nurture the potential of each aspiring dancer who graces our studios. We take pride in being a vital stepping stone on their journey towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the world of dance. Their accomplishments stand as a testament to the transformative power of dance education and the unwavering dedication of our faculty in shaping the next generation of remarkable dancers.

Inspiring the Community: Bi-annual School Performances

Each year, we celebrate the artistry and growth of our students through two captivating school performances. The final "end of year" production takes place in the esteemed Auditorium de Palma, a momentous occasion where our students shine before a packed house, leaving the audience mesmerized by their talent and passion for dance.


Testimonials of Transformation: Igniting Dreams

As a testament to the impact of Palma Dance Center on its students, we are excited to present heartfelt testimonials from our aspiring dancers. These stories reflect the transformative power of dance and the unwavering commitment of our faculty to nurturing the dreams of every student. Click here to see some testimonials.

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